GreaterHealth+ is a best-in-class direct marketing company, with distribution in more than 4 countries. Since 2015, GreaterHealth+ has discovered and developed a variety of well-loved, high quality consumer products in the health and wellness categories. Known for moving, award-winning productions and marketing campaigns featuring some of today’s leading celebrities, the Company has been credited with transforming the broadcast direct marketing industry.

The GreaterHealth+ team is helping set industry standards for trust, integrity and best practices and along the way, is helping shape industry governing policies

More than two years ago, GreaterHealth+ introduced Addiplex leveraging its unique style of marketing to bring a revolutionary new approach to Nootropics direct to consumers. Addiplex has become one of the world’s best brain health formulas that is designed to help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed.

GreaterHealth+ has a superior track record of customer satisfaction. Its direct to consumer model allows consumers to purchase products at a guaranteed low price with generous extended return policies.